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Our Quality

At Vital Plan, we believe you deserve to know exactly what goes into each of our bottles — and into your body. That’s why you’ll find no “proprietary blends” here: We pride ourselves on using transparent, honest labeling and optimal amounts of high-quality ingredients. Every ingredient is rigorously tested at an independent laboratory for identity, purity, and potency before it can be included in a Vital Plan product, and each finished product is further validated for potency and purity before being sold.

Our capsules are packed to the brim with standardized herbal extracts, utilizing proper plant parts, and bioidentical vitamins & minerals.


“Vital Plan specializes in sourcing the finest botanical ingredients on the planet. My passion is combining these ingredients to create perfect orchestrations of herbal magic.”


Our Medical Director, Dr. Bill Rawls, has focused his study on how active properties of herbs are defined by chemical compounds. Not being restricted to any one herbal tradition, he selects herbs according to the chemical properties they offer. This allows unique synergies and greater benefits than are found in traditional herbal applications.

When it comes to quality, we don’t skip any steps. Our employees and families take our products every day. Many thousands of Vital Plan customers are depending on our supplements to help reach their health goals and put their trust in our team. We take this responsibility very seriously. 


Each ingredient that goes into our supplement line is hand-picked by our production team, who works tirelessly to source the best ingredients on the planet with a strong preference for sustainable wild crafters and growers. We carefully evaluate and select the sources of our raw ingredients with attention to environmental factors that may influence their purity and potency, going to great lengths to ensure that each herb is grown to be completely contaminant-free and toxin-free. 


Our premium herbal blends contain standardized forms of herbal extracts, helping provide a marker of quality. Standardized herbal extracts are a revolutionary hybrid between modern science and the complexities of nature that humans have yet to figure out. Present in plants are intricate matrices of hundreds to thousands of naturally occurring chemicals called phyto-chemicals. A standardized herbal extract takes this complex matrix (or full spectrum) of phyto-chemicals from medicinal plants, and concentrates it into a delivery form that is both more effective and convenient. Standardized herbal extracts are more consistent and concentrated than whole herb powders found in many products. 


Beyond our focus on quality ingredients, our Medical Director insists on potent servings for each ingredient – defined by his diligent research into both modern clinical studies and traditional population studies. Vital Plan’s open labeling policy reflects this, as we aim to educate with our labeling and showcase our potent servings (never hiding ingredient amounts under a “proprietary blend”). 


In an orchestra, it’s not the individual instruments that matter, but the synergy created by all the instruments playing together in perfect harmony that makes the music magic. Similarly, a perfect orchestration of herbs blended together amplifies the individual properties of each herb to provide exceptional benefits. 


Have you ever walked down the vitamin aisle and been overwhelmed by all the options? We know what that’s like—which is why we’ve designed our supplement line in a simple, streamlined way that ensures you will not take duplicative ingredients. All our products are physician–formulated to be safely taken together. 


We partner with extraction facilities and manufacturers who are experienced in developing full-bodied botanical extracts and understand our demand to retain the complete matrix of active plant constituents. Our manufacturing partners continually surpass Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to earn the highest certification ratings possible. This process includes third-party facility inspections and comprehensive quality tests for product batches at multiple levels of the production process. At Vital Plan, we do our homework and only establish partnerships with the top vendors in the industry. Learn about our Quality Guarantee »

Vital Plan's 7 step process for high supplement quality

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