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Vital Plan has been life changing.

"Vital Plan has been life changing. I’m living my life again. The educational emails are great. Love ’em. They renew me, mind and body. And the customer support team was great. I called them in the middle of the night one time, and they called me back first thing the next morning."

— Ron H


"One of the biggest things that has impressed me is, when I first ordered the Restore Kit, somebody from Vital Plan called me saying, "Hey, I'm just calling to see how you're doing." I was like, "Oh my word, who does this?"

— Aresa E

I'm back.

"I'm back. My stamina is there. My energy is there. My attitude is better. Just the endurance, in general, is amazingly different. The feedback that I would get from Vital Plan was encouraging and made me feel like I was being supported."

— Brad H

I feel more empowered.

"I feel more empowered now, more capable of helping myself heal. The e-mails came right when I needed them. I read Dr. Rawls’ books, and all the articles on his website – it was the perfect resource and helped lead me to everything else that I needed to continue with my health journey."

— Stefani G


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