Sleep & Serenity Kit


Dr. Bill Rawls’ Stress & Sleep Health Protocol for Occasional Sleeplessness

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Sleep & Serenity Kit

Dr. Bill Rawls’ Stress & Sleep Health Protocol for Occasional Sleeplessness

  • Promotes normal, rejuvenating sleep*
  • Encourages a relaxed state of mind in the face of stress*
  • Supports muscle comfort and health*
  • Non-habit-forming*
  • No morning grogginess*
  • Supports sleep quality and extension*

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  • Promotes normal, rejuvenating sleep*
  • Encourages a relaxed state of mind in the face of stress*
  • Supports muscle comfort and health*
  • Non-habit-forming*
  • No morning grogginess*
  • Supports sleep quality and extension*

Better Nights for Better Days

This unique trio of doctor-designed formulations was developed to support your body’s ability to recuperate the best way it knows how: By sleeping deeply and naturally at night, so you can face each day’s challenges head-on with calm, focus, and joy.

Created by Dr. Bill Rawls, each product contributes a different key component for addressing the underlying causes of stress and occasional sleeplessness. The result is a holistic, natural approach that promotes your innate ability to rest and reset  — unlike a high amount of melatonin in a product (> 3 mg of the hormone), which works more like a one-time band-aid.

Our ultimate goal? To get you off the Sleep & Serenity Kit as soon as possible — and for good — so you can get back to enjoying better nights and better days the way nature intended.

"These natural ingredients work together to promote an environment in your brain that is conducive to sleep. The goal is to free you from dependence on sleep aids instead of creating dependence."


Quality Sleep Requires More Than a Quick Fix

Sometimes, bad sleep happens to good people. You can do everything “right” at night — turn off your technology, dim the lights, go to bed when you’re tired — and still toss and turn for what feels like an eternity, or wake up halfway through the night and commence staring at the ceiling.

In the moment, it’s tempting to reach for fast relief: High amounts of the hormone melatonin to bring on drowsiness, followed by everyone’s favorite energy crutch the next day — caffeine. Trouble is, those quick fixes are just that. They don’t resolve the underlying causes that are to blame for your occasional sleeplessness, stress being a number-one culprit.

What’s more, they don’t account for the fact that sleep is not just a nighttime thing, but rather a 24-hour process. In other words, what you do during the day — starting practically from the moment you wake up — affects your sleep that night.

For instance, a supplement with high amounts of melatonin can actually disrupt your sleep quality later in the night and inhibit your body’s natural melatonin production. Some of the caffeine from your morning latte is still in your system come bedtime, which can contribute to keeping you up. And as your day progresses, much of what you eat or drink, when and how you exercise, how much stress you experience — it all plays a role in sleep quality and quantity.

Natural Support for Your Daily Sleep-Wake Cycle

The secret to overcoming occasional sleeplessness is redefining sleep as a round-the-clock, 24-hour process, and not just an 8-hour nighttime one. And no, that doesn’t mean stressing about getting enough sleep every waking moment of the day – quite the opposite.

Instead, it’s about taking advantage of the natural remedies and healthy habits you can use throughout the day, at bedtime, and even while you slumber to support your body’s innate ability to sleep long and well.

That’s where the Sleep & Serenity Kit comes in. The formulations in the kit were designed by Dr. Rawls to do three key things that are vital to promoting healthy, natural sleep:

  1. Encourage calm and stress management throughout the day, so your mind and body are ready to relax at night.*
  2. Promote your ability to fall asleep come bedtime.*
  3. Support your ability to stay asleep throughout the night.*

How the Sleep & Serenity Kit Works

Inside the Sleep & Serenity Kit


HPA Balance®

2 capsules in the morning; 2 capsules about an hour before bed
Stress happens to the best of us, and when it becomes overwhelming, it can tilt the HPA axis off balance and cause occasional sleeplessness — among other health concerns. The herbs in HPA Balance help restore equanimity to the HPA axis, and promote normal hormonal harmony so you can manage stress with calm and grace and promote better-quality sleep.*

  • Reset to a more relaxed state of mind*
  • Meet stress with a positive mood*
  • Relax into good-quality sleep*
Pure Calm™

2 capsules about an hour before bed
Finding calm at night is essential for restful sleep, especially after those particularly stressful days. Pure Calm offers a blend of three herbs that work together to help unwind a tense mind and promote a sense of calm that’s conducive to supporting healthy sleep cycles.*

  • Promote normal, restful sleep*
  • Support a healthy nervous system*
  • Promote a calm outlook*
Tart Cherry Gel™ with Magnesium Glycinate

1 packet about an hour before bed
This unique formulation combines two of nature’s best ingredients for addressing stress and occasional sleeplessness. It helps balance the tide of hormones that regulate sleep-wake balance, support calm in the face of stress, and even promote muscle and cardiovascular health. Plus, it's all delivered in a convenient gel packet that's easy to use and travel-friendly.

  • Promotes sleep quality and extension*
  • Encourages a calm, relaxed mind*
  • A natural source of melatonin*


When you pair the Sleep & Serenity formulations with the free online course that’s also included with the kit — a 6-week comprehensive program that covers diet, exercise, stress-relieving practices, bedtime routines, and much more – you’ll be able to tap into your body’s innate wisdom to deliver the restorative rest you need for optimal physical and mental health.

This in-depth, self-paced course was created to help amplify the benefits of the kit formulations and provide you with a science-backed program for extending and enhancing the quality of your sleep and finding more peace of mind. Here’s what to expect:

  • Expert guidance and insights from the course creators: Dr. Bill Rawls, M.D., Vital Plan Medical Director; Dr. Singar Jagadeesan, M.D., a board-certified neurologist and sleep medicine doctor; and members of the Vital Plan team
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting and reaching your sleep and stress goals using a proven methodology
  • 14 educational videos and 5 guided audio activities from the course experts
  • Weekly reading lessons, self-guided activities, progress-tracking surveys, quizzes, and more
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Product and course support when you need it from the dedicated and compassionate Vital Plan Team

What's Inside Matters

At Vital Plan, we pride ourselves on using optimal amounts for each ingredient and clear, honest labeling for each product. You’ll find no hidden “proprietary blends” here: We believe you deserve to know exactly what goes into each bottle — and into your body. Each formulation batch is quality-tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process and sent to third-party labs for verification of ingredient purity and potency claims.

It's Time to Take Back Your Sleep

Remember, if you wait to think about your sleep until you’re climbing into bed, it might already be too late. Now’s the time to reframe sleep as a 24-hour process and give it the attention it deserves. Reset your sleep-wake cycle naturally, and you can say goodnight to occasional sleeplessness — and the need for sleep aids — for good!

this product is gluten free, gmo free, soy free, peanut free, egg/dairy free

This product is also free from: Fish/Shellfish, BSE/TSE, Artificial Color & Flavor

3 Holistic Formulas – Developed & Used by Dr. Bill Rawls

HPA Balance to help you stress less

HPA Balance® - Stress less

HPA Balance is a unique herbal supplement that works synergistically to help you feel balanced, centered, and in control, despite the persistent daily stress of modern life.*

Read more

Pure Calm to help you fall asleep faster

Pure Calm™ - Fall asleep faster

Pure Calm is a blend of clinically-proven herbal ingredients that promote a calm state of mind and encourage relaxation before bed and falling asleep when it’s time.*

Read more

Tart Cherry Gel for better rest

Tart Cherry Gel™ - Rest Better

Tart Cherry Gel with magnesium glycinate helps to release and deactivate the body in preparation for sleep and promotes better sleep quality. In addition, it also provides benefit for athletic recovery, performance, and overall cardiovascular health.*

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My favorite product [in the sleep and serenity kit] is the SlumberJack. I have long looked for a go-to product in the middle of the night for sleeplessness that doesn't leave me groggy. The rest of the [sleep and serenity kit] course is not new to me, but a good reminder.

Nancy A.
United States

the power of natural herbs!

Going extremely well Starting to believe in the power of natural herbs!

David C.
United States

Sleep & Serenity Kit - Just Started

Just started with the kit. I have fairly severe muscle spasms throughout my body, but especially in my legs that makes walking difficult and a restful sleep impossible. I actually get up more tired than when I go to bed. I purchased the kit on the advice of VP. Just started taking it this week (only a few days). I notice somewhat less spasms when i first go to sleep and a somewhat better ability to remain asleep. Unfortunately, no real improvement during waking hours, but i suspect it will take some time for my muscles to adapt to a new normal. Right now, I have not been on the kit long enough to make up my mind. In another month, I will.

Tamara E.
United States

the course(info & videos) was very good

I did not experience any better sleep-however, I think I have too many other issues affecting my sleep. I thought the course(info & videos) was very good. I did not care for the way the Tart Cherry crystalized. I also feel you probably lose a lot of the product with the crystallization and packaging. I could not take the Pure Calm-it gave me a headache.

Mary K.
United States

some help

I think the kit is helping some but still wake up numerous times during the night.

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Dr. Bill Rawls


Dr. Rawls' groundbreaking approach to wellness comes from decades of practicing medicine, extensive research in alternative therapies, and firsthand experience helping thousands find their path to wellness. Dr. Rawls is a best-selling author and Medical Director of Vital Plan, an online holistic health company in Raleigh, N.C.

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