Daily Multi Plus

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A unique blend of activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbal phytochemicals - all in one capsule.*

Daily Multi Plus

A unique blend of activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbal phytochemicals - all in one capsule.*

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  • Supports heart, liver & immune function*
  • Promotes healthy skin, eyes & cellular function*
  • Provides antioxidant support*
  • Includes activated B vitamins for healthy methylation*
  • Delivers 500 IU of vitamin D to promote healthy immunity and mood*
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  • Supports heart, liver & immune function*
  • Promotes healthy skin, eyes & cellular function*
  • Provides antioxidant support*
  • Includes activated B vitamins for healthy methylation*
  • Delivers 500 IU of vitamin D to promote healthy immunity and mood*
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Get More from Your Daily Supplement

A healthful diet can provide the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need on a daily basis to support healthy aging. But if — like most of us — you’re busy, stressed, and don’t always eat a perfectly balanced diet, supplemental vitamins, minerals, and herbs can fill in the gaps.

Did you know: The quality of your multivitamin supplements truly matters. While they may be cheaper, inactive vitamins and inorganic minerals are not easily absorbed by the body, so you still won’t get your money’s worth. Finally, multivitamins that contain only vitamins and minerals are missing a key component of total health support: antioxidant-rich herbal extracts.

That’s why Dr. Bill Rawls created Daily Multi Plus. It combines bioavailable vitamins and minerals, plus key herbs for potent antioxidant power, so you can feel confident you’re getting the full scope of of support from your daily multi.

How Daily Multi Plus Works

Daily Multi Plus provides ample chelated minerals and activated vitamins — 25 in all — that your body can absorb and put to valuable use. But what truly sets Daily Multi Plus apart from other multivitamins is its unique combination of antioxidants, all at potent levels, –that give your health the support you need.

"It has everything I could need for a daily vitamin and immune booster all packed into one place. Which saves me money and research!"


Suggested Use:

Take 3 capsules 1-2 times daily, depending on your desired level of support or as directed by your healthcare provider.

this product is gluten free, gmo free, soy free, peanut free, egg/dairy free

This product is also free from: Soy, Fish/Shellfish, BSE/TSE

Natural, Clinically-Studied Ingredients

Vitamins D, C, and E

The immune-supporting vitamins in this formulation are in activated forms for high absorbability. A single serving of Daily Multi Plus delivers 500 IU of vitamin D, 45 mg of C, and 9 mg of E.

Trans-Resveratrol Extract (from Japanese Knotweed)

Trans-resveratrol, the most bioavailable form of resveratrol, is well-known for offering cardiovascular support and antioxidant properties.*

Pine Bark Extract (PBE)

Potent antioxidants and other chemical compounds in Pine Bark Extract help the body maintain vascular tissue and support the integrity of blood vessels. PBE is also supportive to the immune system.*

Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) Extract

Silymarin, the primary chemical component of milk thistle, offers potent support for the liver; it increases natural antioxidants found in liver cells.* It is the most widely researched of all liver related herbs and is well known for low toxicity and safety.*

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

These twin carotenoid compounds account for the yellow color in vegetables and help promote skin, eye, and retina health during normal exposure to sunlight. Daily Multi Plus contains the same amount of these substances as compared to ocular supplements recommended by ophthalmologists.*


Contains antioxidants to promote healthy skin and support the skin’s natural defenses against aging and sun exposure.*


Contains antioxidant properties and has been studied mostly for promoting prostate health.*

Rutin & Hesperidin

Contains bio-flavonoid compounds known to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.* Also contains quercetin, a compound that promotes cellular health.

Pomegranate Extract

Contains potent antioxidants that provide cellular support and help maintain healthy skin.*

Hawthorn Leaf Extract

Supports the cardiovascular system, blood flow to the heart, oxygen delivery to tissues, and healthy blood vessels.*

Daily Multi Plus Quality Standards

✔ Researched and formulated by Bill Rawls, MD

✔ Clinical-grade, optimally-dosed herbs

✔ Backed by science and a long history of traditional use

✔ Transparent labelling with no hidden ingredients or “proprietary blends”

✔ Independently lab tested for purity and potency

What’s Inside Matters

At Vital Plan, we pride ourselves on using clear, honest labeling. Daily Multi Plus is quality-tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, then sent to third-party labs for verification of ingredient purity and label claims.

The serving sizes for each herb in this product match the corresponding research and traditional use as closely as possible to ensure maximum efficacy. In addition, the amounts of each herb are clearly indicated for you and your healthcare practitioner, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

"I like knowing that I am purchasing a quality product with active nutrients and no added fillers. I also like that it has herbs and antioxidants added. I feel safe taking this product."




How do I know if Daily Multi Plus is right for me?
If you are looking for a product that provides comprehensive cardiovascular, immune, liver, eye, skin, and cellular support, Daily Multi Plus offers this broad support with activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbal phytochemicals—all in one.*
What makes Daily Multi Plus different?

Daily Multi Plus is a blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that offer antioxidant and daily nutrition support. It is rich in activated B vitamins to support healthy methylation activity.*

Our products are tested extensively and produced by manufacturing partners who follow the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) guidelines.


What is the recommended serving plan for this product?
We recommend taking 3 capsules of Daily Multi Plus daily in the morning for ongoing support of optimal health. If you’d like additional benefit, you may double the serving and take 3 capsules, twice daily.
Should I take this product with food?
Daily Multi Plus does not need to be taken with food.
Can I mix the ingredients in a smoothie or other drink?
Daily Multi Plus can be put in a smoothie or drink.


How long should I take this product?
It is recommended to take this product on a daily basis to maintain wellness. As with any new supplement, consult your healthcare provider.


I’m vegetarian. Can I still use the product and follow the accompanying meal plan?
The Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol used in Daily Multi Plus is not derived from meat or dairy.
Is this product gluten-free?
Yes, this product is gluten-free.


How do I know Vital Plan products are safe?

Our extensive quality-control measures are documented on this website. Each of our products comes with an independent certificate of analysis verifying the ingredient identity, purity, and standardized constituents, where applicable. This includes testing for heavy metals, organic toxins, and microbiological contaminants.

We work closely with only select manufacturing partners who follow the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) guidelines, and each batch of products is tested thoroughly during the manufacturing process. We are passionate about quality, and we would never offer anything to the public that we would not take ourselves.

What if I am taking prescription medications?
The ingredients in this product are generally very well tolerated and have low potential for interactions with drugs. As with any new supplement, we recommend you check with your healthcare provider before using this product.
Is this product safe for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women?
Consult with your doctor before using Daily Multi Plus if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.
Does this product have side effects?
The potential for side effects and undesired effects with any of the ingredients in Daily Multi Plus is low, but allergic or adverse reactions can occur with any substances, even common foods. If you have any significant side effects, stop use and contact your healthcare provider.
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Josephine D.
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I recommend this product

Love this product. It’s multi vitamin and more.

Marilyn U.
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I recommend this product

My daughter takes it and it seems to help with her Lyme symptoms

Lindarae B.
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I recommend this product


Juliana M.
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I recommend this product

I really like this company for some many reasons...the quality of their products including their Customer Service support.

Mary F.
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I recommend this product

I have used Daily Multi Plus for several years. I have confidence in the quality of these vitamins!

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