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Our Ambassador Team and Health Advisory Board

Our Health Advisory Board

Vital Plan’s Health Advisory Board works with our team on all product development, education programs, and customer support processes to make sure we are providing our community with the most scientifically accurate, effective, safe, and helpful products and information possible. In our effort to be part of the movement to revolutionize healthcare, we value the diverse personal and clinical experience and education each board member brings to the table; their new ideas create a healthy dialogue to help us optimize everything we do.

Bill Rawls, MD

Dr. Rawls is the co-founder and medical director of Vital Plan and With more than 30 years of practice working with patients, and extensive experience resolving his own health issues, he is a passionate advocate for using natural and holistic solutions to address and overcome the root factors that disrupt health. Dr. Rawls believes we live in a unique time where we can access the global wisdom of our ancestors about plants, foods, and lifestyle practices that has been passed down for millennia, and combine it with modern science in order to achieve optimal wellness.

Dr. Rawls works closely with the entire Vital Plan team on the products, education, and support we provide, and he plays a pivotal role in ensuring our offerings are equal parts effective, simple, and accessible so that anyone can adopt them into their lives. In addition, Dr. Rawls spends much of his time writing, researching, and public speaking to help spread the word about holistic health and the best uses for herbal therapies. You can read more about Dr. Rawls’ story and the founding of Vital Plan here.

Joanne ("JP") Pizzino, MD, MPH, FACOEM

"Dr. JP" is diplomate-certified in Integrative Medicine, board-certified in Preventive/Occupational Medicine, and she has a Master of Public Health. She was board-certified in Family Medicine for 24 years. She is a Fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. She has helped empower people to heal themselves through Integrative Medicine since 1997.

Dr. JP approaches health care from a holistic paradigm that integrates mind, body, and spirit in healing. In addition to more than 20 years of clinical experience in treating occupational health concerns and other ambulatory problems, she now practices Integrative Medicine utilizing a variety of complementary and alternative therapies, including Medical Acupuncture, Reiki, Interactive Guided Imagery, Functional Medicine, condition-specific nutrition, vibrational medicine, and botanical medicine. Dr. JP’s special interest is enhancing the effectiveness of allopathic therapies with mind-body and spiritual techniques. Her avocations include a passion for exploring the world's cultures, and the land and seas that surround them.

Singar Jagadeesan, MD

Dr. Jagadeesan (a.k.a. Dr. Jag) is a medical doctor who is board certified in neurology and sleep medicine. Dr. Jag has a long-standing passion for integrating holistic therapy with conventional medicine, and he regularly recommends herbs, dietary changes, and lifestyle enhancements to his patients. Currently the director of the Wake Sleep Clinic in Raleigh, N.C. and a Neurohospitalist in Charlotte, Dr. Jag has been working to improve his patients' sleep, cognitive, and overall health for the past 15 years. Dr. Jag was instrumental in creating our sleep and stress oriented products and education, and has been on Vital Plan’s health advisory board since the company was founded in 2008.

Our Ambassador Team

Vital Plan’s Ambassadors serve as leaders in the Vital Plan community, working to further our company mission of empowering people to live healthy, sustainable, and purpose-driven lives. Ambassadors meet monthly with the Vital Plan team to share input on topics such as Vital Plan products, education, community building, and upcoming new initiatives.

Ash Rose Roberts

Colorado Springs, CO Homeschooling mother and artist

Beth Belcher

Graham, NC Educator (retired), natural foods advocate, and choir singer

Brandi Meier

Clermont, FL Digital marketer and avid Disney fan

Cheryl Franzi

Sacramento, CA Nurse practitioner (retired) and community advocate

Deb Antanitis

Benton, PA Nurse, grandmother, and Reiki practitioner

Ed Jackson

Ontario, Canada Music enthusiast and physical education teacher

Gretchen Newkirk

Concord, NC Homeschooling mother, avid gardener, and whole foods champion

Hank Minor

Sisters, OR Businessman (retired), falconer, and equestrian

Janet Flynt

Apex, NC Gardener and long-time natural health enthusiast

Janette Carlucci

Bedminster, NJ Medical technical writer and Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor

Joy Steinberg

Chapel Hill, NC Philanthropist, travel blogger, and founder of

Karen Orme

Terrebonne, OR Animal lover, hiker, and special education professional

Kathleen Jacobson

Portland, OR Dog walker and passionate wellness and environmental advocate

Kathleen Malik

Raleigh, NC Ergonomics professional and cofounder of In-Kind Friends

Keena Allison

Neenah, WI Paralegal and healthy living advocate

Ken Nixon

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Avid hunter, fisher, and outdoorsman

Ken Downs

Ocala, FL Motorcyclist and holistic health advocate

Kim Nebraske

Chicagoland, IL Nature lover and animal shelter volunteer

Laura P. Santos

League City, TX Independent Sales Director, writer, and singer

Lee McNear

Frisco, TX HR professional (retired) and yoga and dancing enthusiast

Lori Mattox

Palm Harbor, FL Healthy living enthusiast and mother of eight kids

Lou Knudson

Apple Valley, MN Electrical design technician (retired) and bird watcher

Margaret Bosch

Portage, MI Gardener, baker, and natural therapy proponent

Mary Sallach

Chamblee, GA Mother, children’s choir director, and sustainability advocate

Matt Sabatello

Mount Sinai, NY IT professional and supporter of land preservation

Melissa Cromer

Beatrice, NE Occupational therapist and organic gardener

Merilyn Lauffer

Burrell, PA Life coach and women’s mentor

Nancy Hulburt

Apopka, FL Creative mixed media artist and independent minimalist

Nicole Williams

Franklin, TN Content strategist, writer, and adventurer

Paul Dziekonski

Pulaski, TN Mechanical engineer (retired), sustainable farmer, and car enthusiast

Paul W

Portville, NY Father, high school math teacher, and fitness enthusiast

Quinton Pruett

Gilbert, AZ Health coach and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trainer

Sheri Hagerty

Raleigh, NC Realtor, healthy cook, and yoga enthusiast

Sherri Caudell

Lawrenceville, GA Fashion stylist, blogger, and online influencer

Tricia Patterson

Kennesaw, GA Nurse, singing and sewing enthusiast, and Atlanta Braves fan

Vicki Bishop

Clayton, NC Walker and longtime herbal therapy user


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