Can You Measure the Strength of Your Immune System?

February 23, 2022

Can You Measure the Strength of Your Immune System?

The immune system is always working on your behalf to combat germs and harmful substances in the body. But how do you know if it’s operating at its peak? Here, Dr. Bill Rawls discusses the current state of testing for immune strength, plus ways to tell if your immune system is functioning optimally. Learn about how to boost your immunity using herbs and foods here.

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Video Transcript

Question: Can you measure the strength of your immune system?

Dr. Rawls: There are no markers of immune health at this time. It would be really wonderful. There may be at one time.

The problem is the immune system is so unbelievably complex, and there’s so many things that are affecting the immune system as far as all these different microbes, both externally and internally. In addition to all the other stressors, that it’s hard to measure one thing and really make sense out of it.

So when we look at illness, you know, we do label people as: Well, you’ve got multiple sclerosis; you’ve got Parkinson’s; you’ve got this; you’ve got that. And it’s really not that simple. When I look at these illnesses now, I look at an individual, and I recognize that every single person has something that is slightly different.

So the big indicator of immune health is, if you feel good, and you don’t have significant symptoms, and you’re aging normally, in other words, yeah, we’re all aging. You know, we get wrinkles. Our cells are aging in our body. But if you’re aging without significant symptoms, that’s an indication that your immune system is working really well.

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